Improvement in Post-Concussion Syndrome in Two Females Using Low-Force Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care: A Case Series & Review of the Literature

A ChiroSecure Research Update

The purpose of this report is to describe the positive health outcomes of two patients with persistent post-concussion syndrome presenting to a chiropractic clinic utilizing a low-force upper cervical technique.

A 16-year old female with vertigo, brain fog, and headaches for 3 months after head trauma from a fall off a horse was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome by a neurologist. A 30-year old female with migraine headache and vertigo following a motor vehicle accident where she struck her head against the steering wheel. Both patients had no previous history of vertigo or headache prior to the described head trauma.

Both patients were managed by a medical neurologist and had previously received Diversified-style chiropractic adjustments. At the time of presentation to the upper cervical chiropractor, there was no change in symptoms reported for vertigo or headache. Both patients reported reduction in frequency and intensity of headache and vertigo episodes shortly after beginning upper cervical chiropractic care. At a one-year follow up, the 30-year-old female experienced full resolution of headache and dizziness symptoms while the 16-year-old female experienced a re-occurrence of symptoms that resolved after upper cervical adjustment.

Low-force upper cervical technique to correct atlas subluxation complex may be an effective intervention for patients with post-concussion syndrome of cervicogenic origin. More studies are needed to determine the role of chiropractic in the care of patients with post-concussion syndrome.

Jonathan Chung D.C.Improvement in Post-Concussion Syndrome in Two Females Using Low-Force Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care: A Case Series & Review of the Literature. Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research, Vol. 2019.



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