Personal Coaching

Our personal attention ensures your success.

We have practiced together as husband and wife for over 20 years. We were frustrated with our practice as each year it became more and more difficult to attract and keep new patients. Our Coach helped us fall in love with being in practice again!


Why reinvent the wheel?

Breakthrough Coaching employs a team of world-class Coaches who customize your experience and ensure that you and your team are accountable for your progress.

  • All of our Coaches were Breakthrough Coaching members and ran a multi-million dollar practice before becoming a Coach.
  • Breakthrough Coaches have the practical experience of successfully implementing the program in their own practices before they teach it to our clients.
  • Coaches are “resource multipliers.” They nurture your ability to multiply the options and resources already at your disposal.

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Online Learning

Get the information you need when YOU need it.

The website is just another amazing tool that Breakthrough Coaching has for you. I believe that the world is a connect the dots game. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Everything that is out there is out there. You don't have to go searching. They've brought everything together for you. All the pieces are here!


Leverage the power of the Internet to train your team.

Breakthrough Coaching’s proprietary 150 Module Curriculum is user friendly and covers every aspect of running a top notch, profitable practice. These online classes present the latest, most up-to-date information from the industry’s most knowledgeable experts so that you can learn at your own pace without limits!

  • Convenient access on the technology platform and device of your choice
  • Multimedia learning modules facilitate learning and improve retention
  • Make the training of new and existing practice team members easy, fun and most importantly reproducible
  • Even with a busy schedule you can achieve your goals

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Downloadable Forms

Instant access to hundreds of forms at the click of your mouse.

What used to work just didn't work anymore. I was working harder and harder to maintain my practice. I was spending more and more time with paperwork and less time with my family. With Breakthrough Coaching's systems and procedures in place, my practice has exploded and runs more smoothly with less stress.


Easy to download and customize for your own professional use.

Get instant access to hundreds of downloadable practice management and documentation forms, all constantly updated and conveniently categorized for ease of access. You’ll find documents for every practice need including patient care, letters of medical necessity, team building, marketing and more.

  • Real-time updates on coding, compliance, reimbursement and regulatory issues
  • Complete Annual Marketing Calendar along with hundreds of easy-to-delegate Implementation Packets
  • Customizable PowerPoint presentations suitable for patient education workshops and to generate new patient referrals from businesses, civic organizations, Human Resource Managers, medical doctors, and other networking opportunities.

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Real-world, experience-based seminars in easy to access locations.

Provide your team with the latest information first.

At Breakthrough Coaching seminars your practice team will be the first to learn new marketing strategies, advances in technique, and updates in the coding, compliance and regulatory changes that will impact your practice. You’ll be motivated and inspired by our speakers who help you to implement your vision and strengthen your commitment.

  • Interactive sessions and workshops designed to strengthen your practice team building and leadership skills.
  • Turn-key, nuts-and-bolts strategies to increase profitability, decrease your overhead and strengthen your financial bottom line.
  • A setting that encourages you to interact and network with the most successful colleagues in your profession who freely share their ideas, experiences and support.

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As a leader in the Chiropractic profession, BTC has been extremely selective in forming its group of alliance partnerships. We encourage you to visit our partner's websites and to utilize their services and products. When you become a Member of Breakthrough Coaching you become part of a special "family" unlike any other in the Chiropractic Profession.