Experience-based Symposiums

Attending our symposiums can provide chiropractors with an incredible opportunity to learn about the latest trends, research, and techniques in their field. Our symposiums are specifically designed to help chiropractors stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in chiropractic care. By attending our symposiums, chiropractors can access a wealth of information that can help them refine their skills and make a real difference in the lives of their patients. We believe that bringing key people together makes the difference, and our symposiums provide a unique opportunity for chiropractors to connect with other professionals in their field, exchange ideas, and build a network of supportive colleagues. By attending our symposiums, chiropractors can take their practice to the next level, improve patient outcomes, and provide the highest level of care to their patients.


Breakthrough Coaching’s real-world, experience-based symposiums provide you with…

  • World-renowned keynote speakers who help you to implement your vision, strengthen your commitment, and improve your practice.
  • The latest information first, including new marketing strategies, advances in technique, and updates in coding, compliance, and regulatory changes impacting your practice, regenerative medicine, functional medicine and much more.
  • The opportunity to interact and network with successful colleagues in your profession who freely share their experiences, ideas, and support.
  • A fresh perspective that helps you see changes coming and break away from the routine of your practice’s four walls.

You’ll learn turn-key, nuts-and-bolts strategies to increase profitability, decrease your overhead and strengthen your financial bottom line.



As a leader in the Chiropractic profession, BTC has been extremely selective in forming its group of alliance partnerships. We encourage you to visit our partner's websites and to utilize their services and products. When you become a Member of Breakthrough Coaching you become part of a special "family" unlike any other in the Chiropractic Profession.