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8 Weeks of Practice Recovery Training

8 Weeks of Post COVID Recovery Training

We’ll share the steps you can take to increase your patient volume and recall your practice team to a post-COVID level of employment.

You’ll work with a Personal Coach who will assist you with…

  1. Steps to Get Your Practice Ready
  2. Steps to Bring Your Practice Team Back
  3. Steps to Bring Your Patients Back
  4. Steps to Effectively Reactivate Your Patients

$888 for 8 Weeks.

3-Month Personal Coaching Programs

90 Days of Breakthrough

Breakthrough Coaching Members are consistently among the highest earners in their professional communities. They have increased income, decreased stress, and more free time to pursue those activities that they enjoy the most. This 3-month program will get you on your way to increased practice growth and profitability.

You’ll work with a Personal Coach who…

  • Teaches from experience. Before becoming a coach, your coach was a successful Breakthrough Coaching Member and mastered the procedures and systems that you and your team are learning.
  • Customizes the Breakthrough Coaching program based upon your practice goals, expectations, and philosophy enabling you to grow at your own pace.
  • It assures you that you are not alone. It’s easy to become isolated in practice. Your Coach is accessible whenever you need a real-world perspective on the important issues impacting your practice.
  • Acts as an extension of your HR department assisting in the hiring and training of your practice team members.


  • Weekly Coaching Call
  • Massive Online Resources
  • Extensive Systems, Forms
  • Turnkey, Tested Strategies

$795/month for 3 months.

Practice Building Forms

Get instant access to downloadable practice management and documentation forms, all constantly updated and conveniently categorized for ease of access. You’ll find documents for every practice need.

Massage Therapy Conversion Form

This form is used to document Manual Therapy and can also be used as a conversion tool for massage therapists.

ICD-9 to ICD-10 GEMs Mapping Tool

This ICD-10 GEMs crosswalk reference contains the most frequently used ICD-9 codes in chiropractic practices. In an Excel format, it allows you to quickly and easily search for your favorite ICD-9 codes and match them with the new ICD-10 format.

DC Daily S.O.A.P. Notes

This comprehensive SOAP note allows doctors to quickly document patient visits and let them focus more on the patient. It includes the 3 items most commonly asked for in a post-payment audit. Consider it audit protection.

HIPAA Business Associates Agreement

This customizable form is a HIPAA requirement. It shields your practice from liability in the case of a breach of Protected Health Information (PHI) by your Business Associates.

Sample Notice of HIPAA Privacy Practices & Receipt Acknowledgment

These forms MUST be used for your practice to be HIPAA Compliant. Don't get caught in a HIPAA audit without providing these forms to your patients.

Staff Office Policy incl. Internet, Texting & Social Media

A written Office Policy is a must have to help implement a consistent approach to staff management. From a legal perspective, policies can be a fine tool in reducing perceptions of arbitrary treatment of employees.

Functional Capacities Evaluation & References

Use this form to document your Functional Capacities Evaluation. This battery of tests are safe, inexpensive, time efficient, reliable, and comparable to normative databases. Use it to set and track the progress of functional treatment goals.

Rehab Therapy Evaluation Form

Use this rehab therapy evaluation form to simplify assessment of commonly seen muscle imbalance patterns manifesting in abnormal posture.

Patient Payment Plan Worksheet

Use these tools to create a legal and compliant payment plan for your patients. This worksheet blends insurance, cash and wellness visits into a payment plan that can fit into every patient's budget.

Video Training Modules

Instant learning at your fingertips! These audiovisual modules can be viewed after checkout, so you and your team can access them anywhere, anytime! If you have a promo code, you can enter it at checkout.

ICD-10 Essentials The New Language of Reimbursement

The chiropractic profession is facing the biggest “adjustment” to our diagnostic process in over 30 years. ICD-10 will be transformative and impactful to your practice because it’s a monumental shift in the language used to describe the conditions you treat on a daily basis. ICD-10 is not just about converting and upgrading your diagnosis codes. The truth is that ICD-10 will impact every aspect and department of your practice. We’ll show you how!

Effective Patient Account Collections

Patients who owe money do not get well! The practice who handles finances well is helping the patient to get well. This module will teach you how to effectively master the principle of the Collector's Calendar to dramatically improve your patient account collections

The Right Way to do Multidisciplinary Practice

There is a right and a wrong way to do multidisciplinary practice and this is your opportunity to learn from the experts with hundreds of successes nationwide. Learn how to legally and ethically convert your chiropractic practice to a super-efficient, stress-free, highly profitable multidisciplinary practice.

How to Survive a Post Payment Audit

Due to the increase in post payment audits by the OIG and major insurance companies, it is imperative that doctors and CAs understand how to bullet proof their practices. Doctors, CAs and insurance personnel need to know what auditors look for and, more importantly, what their rights are as health care practitioners. It’s no longer a question of IF your practice will be audited, it’s WHEN. Understanding what auditors are targeting is the first step toward a successful defense.

Eliminate Missed Appointments & No Shows

You rely on appointment scheduling to keep your practice running smoothly and no-shows are the bane of many practices. A missed appointment means your team suddenly find themselves with time on their hands that should have been filled by seeing a revenue-generating patient. In this module you’ll learn the skills that will empower your team to virtually eliminate missed appointments forever!

Marketing Mastery: Attract Unlimited New Patients

In this intense module, you'll rack up years of marketing experience thanks to a rigorous pace loaded with cutting edge information and ideas. It's one marketing seminar you'll walk away from feeling capable, focused and totally inspired. Learn the secrets of master marketers and how to maximize your marketing with high-impact methods of delivering your message and increasing your practice.

The HIPAA Omnibus Rule: Avoid an Audit

HIPAA is an ever-changing beast and with the latest Omnibus Rule, the changes are bigger than ever. HIPAA and awareness programs can't just be repeated each year; it's crucial that training is updated as the rules change. You can count on Breakthrough Coaching for that! This module can save your practice from a painful HIPAA audit!

Evaluation & Management Coding: Code with Confidence

Don't leave money on the table! Receive reimbursement for all funds you’re legitimately due and avoid potential audits and penalties. An essential course on selecting the correct level of E&M service and ensuring documentation supports services provided. Avoid having claims down coded by payers and learn how diagnosis coding and sequencing helps establish medical necessity.

How to Implement Low Tech Rehab: Know When to Start and Stop

A major reason why more chiropractors don't prescribe more exercises for their patients is that it is hard to motivate the patient. Once way to overcome this obstacle is to perform a small battery of quantifiable physical capacity tests to identify the patient's "weak link." If a patient is less than 85% of normal for any specific test, then it will be obvious to both the chiropractor and the patient that some training is required. These tests provide unmistakable evidence to persuade your patients of the value of exercises in your practice.

Decoding the Medicare Reporting System

PQRS: The Time is Now!
In today’s practice environment, federal insurance programs require so much attention that you spend as much time trying to figure out what to do as you do in actually getting it done. One of the most asked questions right now is: “What is PQRS and why do I have to be involved?” What the codes mean and when you will utilize them in billing to ensure proper compliance with the program. How to choose the correct codes to report the quality measures performed by your office on Medicare covered services. Quick tips to make the PQRS system efficient and manageable while demonstrating the effectiveness of your care.

What You Need to Know About The New CMS-1500 Form

Don't leave money on the table! Receive reimbursement for all funds you’re legitimately due and avoid potential audits and penalties. An essential course on selecting the correct level of E&M service and ensuring documentation supports services provided. Avoid having claims down coded by payers and learn how diagnosis coding and sequencing helps establish medical necessity.

P.A.R.T. Medicare Documentation Process

Many doctors are unfamiliar with the P.A.R.T. documentation process and how to implement it in their practice. This module will bring you up to speed on the Medicare utilization guidelines, detailing the P.A.R.T. process and documentation requirements for demonstrating the existence of a subluxation with or without an x-ray.



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