Profiles in Success!

It’s a special complement when we receive success letters.  Here is what Doctors, State and National Associations are saying about Breakthrough Coaching …

As the president elect of the Nebraska Chiropractic Physician’s Association it is my pleasure to tell you about my experience with Breakthrough Coaching.

In my board capacity, I have the dubious honor of coordinating our state’s continuing programs for Doctors of Chiropractic. To be honest, this is a responsibility that can be a bit daunting to a doctor in full-time practice trying to coordinate practice time with potential hours on the phone with presenters. Hours of phone tag and listening to pitch presentations is not my idea of a good time. I always wished that there was a place where I could place the simple order: “Please give me the best speaker available on xyz topic and have them at our convention on xyz date.” This seemed like a crazy dream until I met Debra at Breakthrough Coaching.

Simply put, if you want the best speakers in the industry; speakers who will pack a lecture hall and give your membership the type of education they can get no place else, call Breakthrough Coaching and it’s done. I cannot recommend highly enough working with Breakthrough’s speaker system. It will simplify your life, re-energize the lives of your members and make you look brilliant in the process. Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like more detail.

Michael J. Christensen, DC, FIAMA
President Elect Nebraska Chiropractic Physician’s Assoc.

The Michigan Association of Chiropractors gladly recommends Breakthrough Coaching for seminar and convention speakers.

We have worked with Breakthrough many times over the years for a wide variety of programs, and they provide consistently exceptional seminars for both DCs and CAs. Coordinating their programs, Debra Bunch is a great asset to Breakthrough, making the scheduling and arrangements for speakers very easy for us. All in all Breakthrough Coaching provides a fantastic service, with an amazing lineup of speakers.

Sue Palin
Assistant Director, Michigan Association of Chiropractors



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