Give the Gift of Connecting

Utilizing social media such as Facebook and Twitter will not bring new patients to your practice immediately, but not utilizing these marketing tools is definitely a way to turn off the new patient light bulb. Promote your Facebook Fan Page during holidays and make it personal by including the input of your practice team members. Take turns sharing personalized “healthy holiday” messages. This is an easy conversation to have, as the holidays are already at the top of everyone’s mind.

Savvy practice owners survey their patients several times a year to gauge how well they are meeting their patients’ needs. The holidays provide an excellent opportunity for you to engage your patient base and even potential patients by posting a link to a survey on your Fan Page or via your Twitter feed.  Ask your patients what’s on their holiday wish list when it comes to your practice. During the survey process guide your patients with specific questions that could reveal any gaps in your services and as well as areas for potential improvement or expansion.

Marketing gurus stress that any promotional campaign will have more impact when you have a deep understanding of your customers (your patients).  The information you receive from your holiday survey can provide you with key information to build your future marketing campaigns and allow you to speak to the real needs of your patients.



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