Compliance Programs can INCREASE Profitability.  It’s true!!

It is everyone’s favorite time of year again when we think about our compliance program. In the past, compliance activities have been looked at as tasks that the government has assigned to make our lives more difficult. If you read the federal register, it says that they require compliance activities to not only avoid fraud, waste, and abuse but also to make healthcare offices run smoothly and more profitable.

Now you are thinking, yea, right!!!   Ok, but let’s think about this.

The compliance program is all about following the rules and regulations of HIPAA (safeguarding PHI) and OIG (correct billing practices to avoid fraud, waste & abuse).  So how does this save you time and money?

I don’t know about you, but if you have a breach or a ransomware attack, it is costly in both time and money.  No one wants to deal with a ransomware attack or a breach.  Being compliant with HIPAA ensures your practice can protect your computer systems.  Compliance with OIG’s regulations will ensure you are managing and auditing your billing and collections procedures will make you more profitable.  A wise man once said, “My mind on my money, my money on my mind.”

Need help? Attend our 2023 Dallas seminar, March 24-26 (click to register,, where we will review a three-part series to make your billing and collections procedures more effective and efficient so that you can collect more with less work AND how easily manage and audit to stay compliant and ensure that you are collecting all that you can.



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