Eliminating Negativity from Your Life

Sometimes it takes a conscious effort to remove the negativity. Looking for the good in some instances is hard. In business, there are highs and lows. Positivity can help you grow through the lows ultimately resulting in your next high being higher than your last.  Thrive on the positivity.

Here are some ways to stay positive.

  1. Surround Yourself with Positive People – Who in your life is a positive force?  How do they help you be more positive?  Who is negative? Can you distance yourself or encourage them to be more positive with you? I have a close friend however she is a negative Nelly. I found myself complaining right along about her.  I had to learn to just listen to her and not make comments which helps me to come out of the situation with a more positive attitude.
  2. Be Grateful -It is really hard to be negative when you are purposely looking for things to be grateful for. There are things to be grateful for in every situation. Many years ago, I had a family emergency and one of my children was in ICU.  It was pretty serious however there were positive things that happened and focusing on those made the situation easier.
  3. Limit Your Social Media Use – Post positive things and read positive messages.  There is much good that can come from social media.  Connecting with friends and family by seeing pictures.  It really helps us to be more connected with those we love who are far away. Avoid the negative message and those that are posted just to make a statement or make waves.
  4. Be Responsible – Take responsibility. If things go well you may tend to take the credit but if things go wrong do you blame somebody else? It takes courage to admit your mistakes. Learn and grow from them and turn them into a positive.
  5. Focus on What you can control – One of the local High Schools has been teaching the kids the “20sq ft” rule.  There are walls printed that say 20 sq ft.  What it means is you can only control the 20 sq feet around you. You can control your thoughts, your reaction, and your actions.  But not what comes at you only how you will react



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