“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspect of their lives.” —William James

Embracing Change

Embrace change by letting go of your need to have everything “just right.” You don’t have to have “all” of the pieces in place before you can proceed. More important than control is a flexible and open attitude toward change.  Do what you have always done, and you’ll get what you have always gotten!  Adopt an attitude of continuous learning. Attend seminars, read books, listen to audiocassettes.

Learn from change rather than attempting to control it.  Your past experiences do not equal your future possibilities.

Let go of the past and move toward the future.  People who allow themselves to change allow themselves to learn. Embracing change begins with four realizations:

  • Dissatisfaction: Identify what is missing or what you want
  • Decision: Resolve to create what is missing or what you want
  • Awareness: Be humble.  Know that you have gotten in the way of your own success and be willing to include changing yourself as part of your action.
  • Action: Plan how you are going to achieve the end result.

F + F + A = Results

The activity doesn’t equal results. If it did, you could put your fingers on a computer keyboard and start typing away without ever having taken a lesson.  What you’d end up with is gobbledygook unless you place your fingers on the right keys.

Results come from your personal involvement. The formula for success today is as true as it will be true tomorrow: Focus + Feeling + Action = Results.

First, you need a focus on change.  The focus of your change can be toward a goal or away from something that you are dissatisfied with. Focus on what you want out of life.  Life will pay you whatever you ask of it.

Then add feeling to the equation.  Until your feelings reach an intensity you cannot bear, you will not change.  The feeling is the fuel in the engine of change.

Finally, take action to achieve the results you desire.



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