Living Your Dream

“Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes.” – Kenneth Hildebrand

Unlimit yourself and dream as high as your heart can extend. When you hear yourself saying “No, that’s not right,” or “No, that is silly,” or “No, that can never happen,” then that is your clue that you have found what you are looking for. You have hit your dream on the nose.  Tune inward and listen to your own heart. Listen to your own soul. Listen to what you believe in, not what society tells you or anyone else. Listening to your heart, your soul, and your *authentic* beliefs will lead you to your happiness.

Have fun.  Life is short. Having fun and playing takes a conscious effort and will reward you abundantly. It is one of the most important things to do in order to dream big and live a dream.  “Be creative.” You have one life and one chance to live each moment the way you would like. Life can be anything you want it to be. Be creative with it. Be seductive. Look at things with new eyes, with passion, with love, with sensuality. Taste. Touch. Hear. See. Smell. These senses are what God gave you. Live life seductively and with all five senses sharply aware of what is around you every second of every hour of every day.

Forget what everyone else says. Do what you want. Do what you love. Do what you choose to do because you can choose anything you would love to do.

Realize what you have.  Not only do you have the miracle of life, not only are you a miracle because you are breathing at this moment, but you have freedom. Stream the movie Saving Private Ryan. Realize what soldiers of freedom went through and died for. They died for your freedom which you may take for granted. Realize that the world is your oyster.  Take time to step back, as often as you would like, whenever you feel like it, and realize what life is.

Look up to people. Admire people. Fall in love with people who are attracted to you. What you like or love or admire or are fond of reflects who and what you are. Realize what qualities you love in others and realize that you will not love something about someone else unless you already own it within yourself. Honor these qualities and let them shine through without putting up a shield to hide them from other people and the outside world.

Light yourself up.  Live your dream by being everything and anything you would love to be. Live boldly. Live passionately. Be daring. Be honest. Be crazy. Do whatever makes you fly. Burn like fire because some like it hot and others have not realized they do yet. Let yourself be free and light the sky and the earth like a flame. Because you are that. You will fly. You will live your dream.



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