Multidisciplinary Practice: Don’t Wing It!

Tip 4 & 5

Don’t know the costs?

Without proper management, the increased overhead associated with additional professional staff members can drain your bottom line and tax your ability to produce a return on your investment. In the area of financial management, it is essential to seek professional advice. Before considering a multidisciplinary practice, a consultant should help you perform a careful analysis of your patient flow and demographics, the healthcare needs of your community, and the availability of professional staff for hiring, all in the context of your current financial circumstances. Do not undertake a multidisciplinary practice without capital sufficient to see your practice through start-up and into the growth and development phase. Don’t wing it.

Don’t know the marketing?

Approximately 10% of the general public seeks chiropractic care. This statistic has remained unchanged for decades. The fear factor associated with a visit to the chiropractor by many non-patients virtually evaporates when an MD or PT joins your chiropractic staff. The number of individuals willing to consider chiropractic or refer a friend or family member to you as an alternative to traditional medical care increases many fold. In addition, it is common for medical physicians to refer patients to other healthcare professionals; unfortunately chiropractors are not yet in the typical circle of referrals. The conditions that respond best to chiropractic care are the same conditions that most frustrate traditional medical professionals. In the absence of an acute healthcare crisis, many MDs are at a loss to care for conditions that have been documented to respond excellently to chiropractic care. Conversion to a multidisciplinary structure places your practice in the center of the circle of referrals from the medical community. The right consultant can help you maximize the unique marketing opportunities of your multidisciplinary practice.



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