My cHalloween-memes10-1.jpghildren always got a giggle from Grumpy Cat.  I believe they still do.

There are people who are essentially grumpy no matter what.  There are others that get discouraged by circumstances.  We have talked a lot about mental health, attitude, and staying positive throughout COVID.  However, I do not believe any of us thought it would last this long as we are going into over 18 months of this stress it bears repeating.

Here are some steps to stay positive:

1.      Avoid Negativity – Control the amount of negative news in your life. If news on TV or the internet causes you more stress, stop listening.  During the height of COVID, I had to tell my mother to stop telling me what the news was saying because the amount of negativity was just too much.

2.      Seek Positivity – Surround yourself with positive people.  Do you have a friend who just radiates happiness?  Call them.  Go to lunch with them.  Create a positive space on a consistent basis.

3.      Listen to music – Music is a great way to detox from the world.  Calm soothing music, gospel enlightening music, even obnoxious music you play as loud as possible.  All can make your mood lighten and relieve stress

4.      Reset – This can be through mediation, religion, exercise, reading.  There is no wrong answer but pushing the reset button can have very powerful positive effects.

5.      Now – Stay in the now.  There are good things that are happening both personally and professionally.  Stay in the now.  Enjoy each day.  I believe this is easier in the fall and holiday seasons as they are built-in excuses to have fun.

My daughter told me the other day that she was almost glad masks are back again as she does not have to control her facial expressions.  OMG, she may have turned into grumpy cat.



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