OKR+Ps Goal Setting: Unlocking Peak Performance in Your Chiropractic Practice

As chiropractors and practice managers, we are constantly striving to elevate our practices to new heights of success and patient satisfaction. One of the most powerful frameworks to help us achieve our goals is OKR+Ps, a refined approach to goal setting that integrates Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) with Projects (Ps). This framework not only ensures we have clear targets but also outlines the actionable steps to achieve them.

Understanding OKRs: The Foundation

Before diving into the magic of Projects, let’s revisit the basics of OKRs. This method is celebrated for its simplicity and effectiveness in aligning teams and driving measurable results.

  • Objective (O): The Objective is the headline for your goal—a clear, compelling statement that serves as your rallying cry. It should be inspiring and directional, guiding your team’s efforts toward a significant achievement. For instance, an Objective might be “Best Quarter Ever.” Unlike traditional goals, it doesn’t need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) because its clarity comes from the Key Results.


  • Key Results (KRs): Key Results are specific, measurable outcomes that indicate the achievement of the Objective. Typically, an Objective will have 3-5 Key Results. Each KR is a quantifiable metric, which can be tracked over time:
    • Increasing (e.g., Sales: Increase new patient intake by 20%)
    • Decreasing (e.g., Turnover: Reduce staff turnover by 10%)
    • Maintaining (e.g., NPS: Maintain a Net Promoter Score of 90+)

Introducing Projects: The Action Plan

The addition of Projects (Ps) is what makes this framework exceptionally powerful. Projects are the actionable plans or initiatives that your team will undertake to achieve the OKRs. These can be personal, departmental, or company-wide efforts, tailored to meet the specific needs and dynamics of your practice.

  • Projects (Ps): Projects are detailed, actionable plans designed to achieve the Key Results and, consequently, the Objective. These are the tangible steps your team will take each quarter. Projects might include implementing a new patient management system, launching a community outreach program, or conducting staff training sessions.

The OKR+Ps Process

  1. Set Your Objective: Begin with a clear, inspiring Objective that sets the direction for your team.
  2. Define Key Results: Identify 3-5 measurable Key Results that will indicate your progress towards the Objective.
  3. Develop Projects: For each Key Result, outline specific Projects that detail how you will achieve these metrics. Break these Projects into action items or milestones to track progress effectively.
  4. Monitor and Adjust: Regularly review your OKR+Ps, tracking progress and making adjustments as needed. This ensures you stay on course and can pivot strategies if necessary.

Example in Practice

Let’s apply OKR+Ps to a chiropractic practice:

  • Objective: Achieve Best Quarter Ever
  • Key Results:
  1. Increase new patient intake by 20%
  2. Reduce patient wait times by 15%
  3. Maintain a patient satisfaction score of 95%
  • Projects:
  • Launch a targeted marketing campaign to attract new patients.
  • Implement a new scheduling system to streamline appointments and reduce wait times.
  • Conduct staff training on patient engagement and satisfaction techniques.


By integrating OKRs with Projects, the OKR+Ps framework provides a comprehensive approach to goal setting that not only defines what success looks like but also maps out how to get there. This structure ensures that every team member understands their role in achieving the practice’s goals and is equipped with a clear action plan.

As you implement OKR+Ps in your practice, you’ll find that this method enhances focus, alignment, and motivation, driving your team toward exceptional performance and outstanding patient care.




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