Rare Opportunity for DCs to Become a DME Provider

Dear Breakthrough Coaching Member,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the requirement for DME Accreditation on the physical plant has been dropped for DCs. This process used to take four months.  In addition, there are no FBI fingerprinting or site visits required. Medicare has also dropped the application fee of $5500. A Medicare Surety Bond. ($500 or $40/month) is still required. The turnaround time for the entire process is one week electronically and two weeks with a paper application.

Important to Be Aware Of:

Jan 21, 2021, Competitive Bidding is scheduled to come into effect. This is likely to be delayed for another year or two.

There are two ways DCs can become exempt:

  1. DCs with MD that owns 5% of the business (multidisciplinary practice)
  2. DC becomes a Certified Orthotic Fitter. This process used to require 1000 hours of clinical experience, a weeklong class, and a test. This requirement has been waived and now can take the class online. Costs $600 for a DC. This way they become Classified as ORO2 and can do off the shelf ($950 sample price per brace) and custom bracing ($1300 sample price per brace). The Board of Certification, Inc. (BOC) is the company that has approved the Certification Process for Orthotic Fitters.

Special Pricing for Breakthrough Coaching Members from Dr. Jim Antos:

Rack rate $1989 on website www.AntosDMEBrace.com.

For BTC $1389 members

Jim will work personally with you. It takes about two hours on the phone with Jim to fill out paperwork.

The best way to contact Jim is by calling 386-212-0007.

This needs to be done in the next 90 days. So, call today and be sure to mention Breakthrough Coaching.

Together we can thrive!

Mark Sanna and the Breakthrough Coaching Team



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