Reminders: You can do anything, but not everything at the same time.

You don’t have to figure everything out. Restart as many times as needed. Your inner peace is too expensive to be sacrificed. Do more of what makes you forget about time.

As business owners, we have this overwhelming desire to do everything.  But as life gets busier and more complicated it becomes more and more impossible. The phrase “it takes a village “has been used to describe the best way to raise a child.  This is because you cannot physically mentally or emotionally DO everything at the same time.  And this phrase can be used for everything in your life.

Instead of “I didn’t get anything done.” Here are some strategies to increase your satisfaction with your accomplishments.

1-     DEFINE YOUR VILLAGE – Who can you delegate to?  Who is your rock?  Who are your go-to people for key jobs?  Who is your sounding board?  Who will hold you accountable?  Who will challenge you to be better?  Who will remind you to take a break?

2-     CREATE A DREAM TEAM – Think of your life like a football game.  Personally, I am not a football person but it is my go-to analogy.  It is impossible to win a football game by yourself.  You must have each of the key positions filled to be successful.  The quarterback cannot pass the ball if there is no receiver.

3-     SPOT THE SUCCESS– Instead of focusing on the “to-do” list try out a “done” list. Be sure to focus on what got done.  Many times feel like our to-do list is not getting checked off but it’s not because they didn’t do anything it’s because little emergencies came up all day that needed to take priority and didn’t even make it to the list.

4-     JUST DO IT– Most people want to feel motivated to engage in specific activities, such as exercise. It might seem counterintuitive, but jumping right into an activity, even if you don’t feel any motivation at all, often leads to feeling motivated.

5-     CHUNKING– Would you like your entire home to be much more organized? Professional organizers advise their clients to start with just one drawer. They explain that identifying a small, manageable goal increases confidence, and makes it less likely that you will become overwhelmed and give up. It is important that your do list is full of tasks, not projects.  Tasks are things that can be accomplished in a one-time chunk vs a project that may take many steps to get done.

6-     Create Systems -Creating successful systems that can be reproduced daily, weekly, or monthly will help the feeling of don’t even know where to start.

Every week, there’s so much to do it’s easy to feel like you are not getting enough done and even criticize yourself.  But this often leads to self-criticism and lower productivity. As we have started this new year what changes do you need to make so that you are not doing everything at the same time?  Or you are not problem-solving alone.



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