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“The answer may be at the beach.”  This is funny and most of you are chuckling but the important word here is not “beach” it is “answered”.  Now for some of you, the answer is the beach but not for every problem.  Are you solution-focused or problem-focused?  This is kind of like the glass-half-full half-empty scenario.

When you are solution-focused you are finding the root of the issue and focusing on how to fix, prevent or eliminate it moving forward.  When you are problem-focused it’s often easy to get overwhelmed by the stress or enormity of the problem.  My girls dance and we have stress solution-focused thinking here as well.  They are not allowed to tell me something “looked bad” that is the problem.  But tell me what happened.  I forgot my choreography, the solution is to rehearse more.  I fell out of my turns, the solution is to practice the turn sequence more.

In business,

 you sometimes almost need to give yourself the 3rd degree.

I am stressed.

Why are you stressed?

I can’t get enough done.

Why can’t you get enough done? Is your organizational method no longer working or is there too much work for one person?

If your organizational method is not working try another.

If you have too much work for one person then do you need to re-assign tasks to your team or does your team need another person.  Or do you need to start a team?

Now the key is for you to be solution-focused but also to lead your team this way too.  The team meeting template purposely has a section for solutions. Often when we are not solution-focused meetings can accidentally turning to gripe sessions.  This complaining attitude is catching.  When we lead with solution-focused intent and search for solutions to our hurdles the teamwork mentality grows and team culture is supported.  These solution-focused discussions can also be used in employee evaluations



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