Are you even listening to me?

My husband thinks this joke is extremely funny. I say, “Are you even listening to me?” and he says,” What were you saying something?”  He finds it hilarious; me not so much.

But listening skills are essential in any successful chiropractic practice.  Without asking your spouse how are your listening skills?  Use Form 954 to evaluate you and your staff.  What can you improve? This is particularly essential in Day 1 & 2 procedures.

Here are some things to consider when crafting successful days 1 and 2 in chiropractic practice.

  • Are you making eye contact and creating an emotional connection during exams and consultations?  This emotional connection lets the patients know that you truly want to help them.
  • Are you watching body language? Do you notice when a patient may be telling you one thing but their body language is saying another?
  • Do you prejudge a patient based on biases or what you think is wrong vs what they are communicating?  This usually comes into play when you recommend care that you think they can afford not what you actually recommend.

Effective listening is a key skill that successful chiropractors and staff need to master.  The great news is that it’s a skill that can be learned so if your listening skills need some help talk to your coach make a plan.



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