Be Persistent

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” –Benjamin Franklin

If you have a dream to live, follow it, no matter how wild, outrageous, or improbable it may seem. Bring your loved ones and friends along with you on the journey to support you. True supporters will help you keep your dream alive when your energy falters. If life seems difficult, remember that difficulty is an idea that you can accept or reject. It is merely the conditioned response of your mind reminding you of its imagined limitations. It is a false illusion that eliminates future promise if you believe it. Above all, persist. When your talent and effort have been exhausted, persistence will carry you through to the end. In the memorable words of Winston Churchill, “Never, never, never, never give up.”

Master the art of persistence. Persist when you are completely exhausted, and it seems that all efforts have failed. Persist when you feel hopeless—sometimes you’ll achieve your goals out of pure luck! Sometimes it will be your skill and talent that will pull you through. But neither luck nor talent is as powerful as your abiding friend, persistence. In the long run, persistence, more than any other trait of success, defines a true winner.

On your journey to your ideal life, you may endure adversity and failure. Let no one and nothing deter you from your heart’s desire. Over time, water dripping upon the hardest rock will erode it away. Be like water. You carry your own worst enemy within you. When you give up or let yourself down, you lose your chance for success. You also lose your self-confidence. Persist at what you set out to do. Even when your physical energy is drained, your mood sour, and your circumstances bleak, know that the darkness you are experiencing will pass as sure as dawn follows night.



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