Elevate Your Leadership: Cultivating Vulnerable Trust

In the pursuit of building high-performing teams and nurturing exceptional leadership, one book stands out as a beacon of insight and guidance: Patrick Lencioni’s “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.” Within its pages lies a roadmap to not only understanding the intricacies of team dynamics but also to unlocking the true potential of collective greatness.

At the heart of Lencioni’s methodology lies the concept of vulnerable trust—a cornerstone upon which successful teams are built. When team members view each other as fellow human beings, bound by shared vulnerabilities and experiences, they forge a bond that transcends mere professional acquaintance. This bond allows for open and honest communication, where constructive criticism is given and received with humility and grace, free from the shackles of fear or repercussion.

One of my favorite icebreakers when facilitating leadership team meetings is a simple yet profound question: “Share an experience from your childhood—positive or negative—that left an indelible impression on you and may have altered the course of your life.” This seemingly innocuous prompt has the power to catalyze transformative moments within a team.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the profound transformations that occur when individuals, who have worked side by side for years, finally unveil the hidden layers of their life journey to one another. In sharing their vulnerabilities, fears, and triumphs, they not only deepen their understanding of each other but also foster a sense of empathy and camaraderie that transcends the confines of the workplace.

As leaders, it is our responsibility to cultivate an environment where vulnerable trust can thrive. We must lead by example, sharing our own stories and vulnerabilities with authenticity and humility. By creating a safe space for open dialogue and genuine connection, we lay the foundation for teams to reach new heights of collaboration and innovation.

So, I urge you, fellow leaders, to embrace the transformative power of vulnerable trust. Let us journey together towards a future where leadership is defined not by authority or title, but by the depth of our connections and the courage to be truly human in all that we do.

Here’s to elevating our leadership and unlocking the full potential of our teams.

With warm regards,

Dr. Mark Sanna CEO, Breakthrough Coaching



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