Navigating Resistance to Change: Embrace the Power of Evolution

In the realm of your practice and business in general, it’s a well-worn adage that change is the only constant. Yet, despite its inevitability, implementing change within a team can often feel like trying to navigate a stormy sea. Resistance to change is a natural human response, akin to the instinctive recoil from a sudden gust of wind. However, as leaders, it’s our responsibility to not only weather these storms but to guide our teams through them with grace and purpose.

It’s been said that no one likes change except for a wet baby, and indeed, that sentiment often rings true in the workplace. So how do we overcome this resistance and foster a culture where change is not only accepted but embraced? The answer lies in the art of evolution rather than revolution.

Instead of attempting to make sweeping changes all at once, which can overwhelm and breed resistance, consider breaking down your goals into manageable half-steps. By setting milestones based on incremental progress, you give your team a clear roadmap for change—one that feels achievable and less daunting.

Imagine chunking your goals all the way down to the next 24-48 hours. What small, tangible steps can we take today that will propel us forward tomorrow? This approach not only breaks the inertia of inaction but also builds momentum as each small victory contributes to the larger goal.

However, if you encounter push-back along the way, it may indicate that the half-steps are still too large. Be open to feedback from your team and adjust your approach accordingly. Communication is key in this process—ensure that your team understands the rationale behind the change and feels empowered to voice their concerns.

Remember, the paralysis of inaction can often be overcome by simply getting started. By embracing the power of evolution and fostering a culture of adaptability, we can navigate even the choppiest waters of change with confidence and resilience.

Together, let’s embark on this journey of growth and transformation, one half-step at a time.

Yours in leadership,

Dr. Mark Sanna CEO, Breakthrough Coaching



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