Remember the Gift of Your Practice Team

This holiday season make it a point to give your practice team members something they will treasure – your sincere appreciation. There are many ways to make your team members feel that their contributions are valued and the holidays provide an excellent opportunity to do so. Here are a few suggestions. Consider holding your holiday party in November, rather than December. It is less likely to conflict with other parties and team members are less hassled with the holiday rush. If you plan to give year-end bonuses, do so before the holiday season when the extra funds will come in handy.

Take some time to think about each individual’s contribution to the success of the practice and share it with them in the form of a written note of appreciation. The note can be simple and straightforward but must be sincere. During the staff holiday gathering read each note aloud to the team and hand it to the staff member with a sincere “Thank you.” If you are exchanging holiday gifts, establish a budget. The gifts need not be expensive, but they should reflect each individual’s likes or interests. Identical gifts may be convenient, but they are often viewed as tokens of obligation rather than genuine expressions of appreciation.



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