Top 10 reasons to raise profitability by adding Decompression

As a chiropractic coach, I am often asked what the easiest way is to make more money. My answer is
hard work! Many offices are looking for the fairy godmother of profitability. Where decompression will
not automatically rain money, it can be very profitable.

  1. Offer an expanded menu of services – Anytime you can offer an expanded menu of services you
    will appeal to a greater audience. The more solutions you can offer makes your practice appear
    to be cutting edge and the go-to place for treatment. All of this makes you more marketable via
    Facebook, blogs, web search, and networking.
  2. It’s unattended – The best part is that patients can be placed on the decompression table by a
    CA while the doctor is treating other patients. So, you can literally treat two patients at the
    exact same time. This also lets the doctor see more patients without creating more physical
    stress on the doctor.
  3. It works! Decompression has great results which will make happy patients who refer.
  4. It’s easy to explain in a repeatable manner – I love using analogies to describe things to patients.
    It creates a visual, they understand, and they can repeat it to others when trying to refer. So
    here is the analogy that I use. A herniated or bulging disc is like a jelly donut; where the jelly has
    squished out. Decompression is like turning on a vacuum and sucking that jelly back into the
  5. It’s affordable for the doctor – Decompression tables are affordable, and the leasing options are
    usually priced at an amount that you can easily attract enough patients per month to make the
    lease payment and still get you 3-1 ROI. There is also an ADA tax credit available the year you
    purchase the table.
  6. Patients love it – Many patients like the tables so much that they fall asleep on them. They are
    comfortable and the treatment often time provides immediate relief. The gentle stretching
    feels good and provides relief to very acute patients.
  7. Profitable – Either cash or billable (see state regs) – State regulations vary on how they view
    decompression and how it can be billed. Many states allow it to be a cash service while others
    require you to bill as mechanical traction. Either way, it is profitable.
  8. It’s affordable for patients – Payment plans can make decompression affordable to those paying
    cash or that have high deductibles. Mastering the financial ROF scripting and payment plan
    options is always a win for a practice’s profitability.
  9. Medical doctors will refer to decompression therapy. Amid the opioid epidemic options for pain relief
    are decreasing. Medical doctors are looking for pain options for their patients.
  10. This is a service that is easy to market. Patients are looking for answers.
    They are looking for cutting edge technologies. They are looking for effective treatments. They
    are looking for your office.

Decompression is a great option for raising profitability in any chiropractic office.



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