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COVID Practice Recovery Training

Learn the necessary steps you can take to increase your patient volume and recall your practice team to a post-COVID level of employment during the next 8-weeks.

Massage Therapy Conversion Form

This form is used to document Manual Therapy and can also be used as a conversion tool for massage therapists.

ICD-9 to ICD-10 GEMs Mapping Tool

This ICD-10 GEMs crosswalk reference contains the most frequently used ICD-9 codes in chiropractic practices. In an Excel format, it allows you to quickly and easily search for your favorite ICD-9 codes and match them with the new ICD-10 format.

DC Daily S.O.A.P. Notes

This comprehensive SOAP note allows doctors to quickly document patient visits and let them focus more on the patient. It includes the 3 items most commonly asked for in a post-payment audit. Consider it audit protection.

HIPAA Business Associates Agreement

This customizable form is a HIPAA requirement. It shields your practice from liability in the case of a breach of Protected Health Information (PHI) by your Business Associates.

Sample Notice of HIPAA Privacy Practices & Receipt Acknowledgment

These forms MUST be used for your practice to be HIPAA Compliant. Don't get caught in a HIPAA audit without providing these forms to your patients.

Staff Office Policy incl. Internet, Texting & Social Media

A written Office Policy is a must have to help implement a consistent approach to staff management. From a legal perspective, policies can be a fine tool in reducing perceptions of arbitrary treatment of employees.

Functional Capacities Evaluation & References

Use this form to document your Functional Capacities Evaluation. This battery of tests are safe, inexpensive, time efficient, reliable, and comparable to normative databases. Use it to set and track the progress of functional treatment goals.

Rehab Therapy Evaluation Form

Use this rehab therapy evaluation form to simplify assessment of commonly seen muscle imbalance patterns manifesting in abnormal posture.

Care Enough to Share Social Media Posts

This new patient generation social media strategy is sure to fill your office with exactly the type of new patients you want to attract.

Each Care Enough to Share Social Media posts are With and Without offers. The Care Enough to Share Social Media posts include the following: Independence Day Posts, New Years Posts, Spring Care to Share Posts, Thanksgiving Care to Share Posts, Valentine Care to Share Post.

Condition of the Week Social Media Posts

A modern twist on a time-proven new patient generation tool. It's asking for a referral gone social!

Condition of the Week Social Media Posts are With and Without Offers and include the following posts: ADHD, Asthma, Elbow, Headaches, Knee, Sciatica and TMJ.

Special Event Flyers & Social Media Posts

Customizable flyers and social media posts to promote your practice special events and open houses both online and off line.

Special Event Flyers & Social Media Posts included: Backpack Safety Post, Spring into Health Post, Grand Opening Post, Performance Post, Wanted Poster Post, Toys 4 Tots Post, Employee Health Fair Post, Thanksgiving Food Drive Post,

ICD-10 Essentials The New Language of Reimbursement

The chiropractic profession is facing the biggest “adjustment” to our diagnostic process in over 30 years. ICD-10 will be transformative and impactful to your practice because it’s a monumental shift in the language used to describe the conditions you treat on a daily basis. ICD-10 is not just about converting and upgrading your diagnosis codes. The truth is that ICD-10 will impact every aspect and department of your practice. We’ll show you how!

Effective Patient Account Collections

Patients who owe money do not get well! The practice who handles finances well is helping the patient to get well. This module will teach you how to effectively master the principle of the Collector's Calendar to dramatically improve your patient account collections

Patient Payment Plan Worksheet

Use these tools to create a legal and compliant payment plan for your patients. This worksheet blends insurance, cash and wellness visits into a payment plan that can fit into every patient's budget.

The Right Way to do Multidisciplinary Practice

There is a right and a wrong way to do multidisciplinary practice and this is your opportunity to learn from the experts with hundreds of successes nationwide. Learn how to legally and ethically convert your chiropractic practice to a super-efficient, stress-free, highly profitable multidisciplinary practice.